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Spanish Classical Guitar Lessons – Online lessons



Thank you for your interest in my guitar lessons!

All private lessons are taught either online using “Google Meet,” a free video call service, or at my studio in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Online lesson is one-on-one and suitable for beginners as well, allowing real-time interaction.

I teach classical and acoustic guitar also,

And offer lessons in both Japanese and English.

I tailor lessons to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced players.







I started playing guitar at the age of 10 and have been teaching and performing for 20 years in Japan, Spain, Oceania, and the United States, catering to individuals of various nationalities and age groups.

Classical guitar encompasses a wide range of musical styles, including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Modern, Spanish folk, Tango, Flamenco styles, Jazz, Rock, Pop, and more.

Learning this diverse repertoire will enable you to play various styles of music according to your preferences and interests.

Each student has unique tastes, musical interests, desired skill levels, and goals.

While fundamentals are essential, I will work with each student to select the songs they are most passionate about and interested in practicing.

Many adults aspire to learn or resume playing the guitar as a hobby or a lifelong dream.

Classes also cater to adults, with flexible lesson times, including daytime and evening slots, making it convenient for working individuals to attend.

People in their 50s and beyond, beginners, and seniors are all welcome.

If you don’t yet have a guitar, I provide advice on purchasing one based on your budget and recommend suitable instruments.

Whether you are a complete beginner, have specific songs in mind, or are aiming to improve your guitar skills, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

For inquiries and further details, please visit:


Thank you,

Shogo Kubo
Email: guitarsho@yahoo.com
Phone, Text in Japan: 070-1402-6029
US Phone (text only): 1(203) 947-8315



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◽️ Started playing classical guitar at the age of 10.
◽️ Studied under Mr. Mitsutoshi Tanaka, Mr. Armando Maros, and Mr. Antonio Suero.
◽️ Participated in the E. Pujol Music Institute International Music Seminar.
◽️ Guitar instructor at schools in Hokkaido, Oceania, and the United States.
◽️ Official performer for “Music Under New York” Performance Art Program.
◽️ Guitar instructor at New York Nippon Club.
◽️ CD releases: “Cielo Abierto” and “Aranjuez.”
◽️ Featured in NHK BS8K’s “New York Subway Art & Performance.”
◽️ Performed at various events, including a luncheon for New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and the USA Tennis Open.


Guitar:  José Ramírez IV / 1a – 1983







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10 Best New York City Guitar Lessons



  • I’ve been playing with Shogo for a year and I have to say I made a ton of progress! Shogo is easy going and very professional. – Giacomo T.


  • I recommend Shogo to everyone at all levels, from beginning to advanced, and at all ages.


  • Shogo is patience, attentiveness and encouraging me always, finds a way to attach the lessons to actual songs so it makes it easier to learn and all my questions are answered in great detail. very reliable and responsible I’d highly recommend him to anybody. – Yuki


  • I’ve been taking lessons with Shogo for the past 10 years. glad I found him always look forward to my lessons, he is an awesome and thoughtful teacher. – Robert


  • He is a very patient, talented teacher, highly recommend. – Josh


  • I have known Shogo because my friend in music school (composition major whose primary instrument is a guitar) takes lessons from him. This summer I started taking lessons from him as well because playing guitar is a requirement for the music therapy program. Although I have some experience in music, playing guitar was totally a new thing. Despite that, within a few months, my skills improved dramatically thanks to my teacher (: The best part of taking lessons from Shogo was that he knew how to work out with students with relatively small hands. My hands are small like elementary school kids’. Therefore, I had difficulties playing some chords at first, but he worked things out! So, obviously Shogo can teach beginners like me as well as college-level students like my friend, and even small kids! He is an experienced teacher who can guide each student step by step to achieve their individual goals. By the way, Shogo is an exceptional performer too. His interpretation is unique, and his performance is always very musical! So, if someone wants to brush up their expression in music, Shogo is the right person to learn from (: – Starla 





Frequently Asked Questions



🟦 I’m a complete beginner; is that okay?

Yes, absolutely!

Beginners are welcome, and often they develop fewer habits that need to be unlearned, making learning easier.


🟦 What are the lesson hours?

Lessons in Japan are available from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Online Lessons in US are from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

If you need other time slots, please let me know.


🟦 Can I take lessons even if I don’t have a guitar?

Eventually, you’ll need a guitar for practice at home.

If you don’t have one yet, I’ll provide advice on purchasing one within your budget and recommend suitable instruments.


🟦 Is reading sheet music necessary?

No, it’s not necessary.

We start from the basics, teaching one note and one measure at a time.

For beginners, also have tablature (TAB) notation available on the guitar.


🟦 Are makeup lessons available?

Yes, offer makeup lessons if you notify us at least 24 hours in advance.


🟦 How do I schedule lessons?

You can either set up regular days and times each week or discuss and decide the next lesson’s date and time at the end of each lesson.

Provide flexible scheduling to suit your availability.


🟦 Are there recitals?

In New York, we used to hold recitals three times a year.

Considering organizing online events for US online students.


🟦 How long does it take to become proficient?

The time it takes depends on your practice hours, but you can start playing simple songs in about a month.


🟦 Do you teach popular music? (Can I learn chords?)

Yes, teach basic guitar chords, allowing you to practice songs you want to play.

Classical guitar techniques are foundational for a wide range of music genres, and you can apply them to various styles of music.


🟦 You mention classical guitar, but is acoustic guitar okay too?

Yes, the basic principles of guitar, including chords and scales, remain the same for both classical and acoustic guitars.

The main difference is that acoustic guitars use steel strings, while classical guitars use nylon strings.

It’s also possible to string an acoustic guitar with nylon strings if you prefer.


🟦 Do I need to purchase textbooks?

I’ll provide you with PDF files of the guitar textbooks we use in our lessons if you’d like.

You can either print them or display them on your iPad, PC, or other devices for practice.

However, purchasing the textbooks is recommended because it eliminates the need for printing and allows you to practice at your own pace.


🟦 How often should I take lessons per month?

I recommend one lesson per week, but you can adjust the frequency to fit your schedule and preferences.


🟦 Can children start learning?

Yes, children can start learning.

Ideally, they would use a standard-size guitar (650mm), but we can also help you find a smaller-sized guitar that matches the child’s hand size.


🟦 I’m in my 50s, 60s, 70s, or a senior; can I start learning guitar now?

Absolutely! It’s never too late to start something new, and now is the perfect time.

I have many students in their 50s and older at our school.


🟦 Is there an enrollment fee?

No, do not charge any enrollment fees.


🟦 Is it a monthly fee system?

It’s not a monthly fee system.

When you pre-pay for 4 lessons, you can schedule and attend them at your convenience.



If you have any more questions or need further information, please feel free to ask!









Leaving Japan, I have been involved in guitar performance and instruction overseas for over 20 years.

At the beginning of my journey abroad, there were moments of anxiety as an Asian navigating a foreign land alone.

However, being able to play the guitar and help others through teaching not only boosted my self-esteem but also brought a multitude of blessings.

And I’ve had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people and experiencing significant encounters in life through the guitar.

When I think about what it would have been like if I hadn’t played the guitar, I shudder.

I hope that, for all of you, playing and mastering the guitar will become a significant goal in your lifelong journey, something to take pride in.

By improving your guitar skills and acquiring technical proficiency, I want you to gain confidence in yourself, knowing that you can bring joy and happiness to yourself and those around you.

My goal is for the guitar to become a part of you, a lifelong companion, and a special skill. I look forward to sharing invaluable moments with all of you.

Whether you’re picking up the guitar for the first time, have specific songs you want to play, or are aiming to improve your guitar skills, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time.

For inquiries and further details, please visit:


Thank you,

Shogo Kubo
Email: guitarsho@yahoo.com
Phone, Text in Japan: 070-1402-6029
US Phone (text only): 1(203) 947-8315






>Guitar Lessons, Performance / Contact    ギター教室 / ギターレッスン     Tel: 070-1402-6029 (Japan),   US (text only): 1 (203) 947-8315,   Email: guitarsho@yahoo.com

Guitar Lessons, Performance / Contact    ギター教室 / ギターレッスン     Tel: 070-1402-6029 (Japan),   US (text only): 1 (203) 947-8315,   Email: guitarsho@yahoo.com