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Hi Shogo, thanks so much for coming to perform at our wedding; you made a special day really great! Everyone loved your performance, and it was such a pleasure to meet you!!  See you again soon. Best regards, – Bibi

listened to you in central park and purchased your cd’s. you’re amoung the best i’ve ever heard and will be checking your web site for a new cd! again, thankyou. you have exceptional talent and i’m sure i’ll hear more about you in the future. Have a great Day,  – George

Kubo san, I was fortunate enough to hear you play while you were in Sydney, near the Opera House. I must say that to this day, you are one of the most soulful and skillful guitar players I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I am wondering, would you ever consider playing elsewhere in the States, particularly in my state of Alabama? It would be a great honor to host a concert for you in one of the many concert halls we have here. Very respectfully, – Paul Thornton

Dear Shogo-sama,We are really appreciate your great performance.Thank you so much! We discussed that we chose right person, musician for our wedding.Once again, thank you for the great performance! Take care and keep in touch! – Michal and Keiko

Hello Shogo, My name is Marc Tucciarone .I too am a classical guitarist.Today , Monday, I heard you playing in the times square station! I heard you playing the Aranjuez adagio. Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was totally beautiful playing . I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed listening to you . I had to catch an appointment ,I wish I coulld of stayed longer.What kind of guitar was that ?it sounded so warm. Please tell me when I might hear you again. Your art is rekindling my lost love of the guitar.Thanks so much ! Respetfully, – Marc

Dear Shogo, Thank you for helping our wedding even more romantic than we hoped it would be. your playing was beautiful, and really set the tone for the ceremony. we also appreciated your professionalism and flexibility throughout the whole process. thanks again for helping make it the wedding of our dreams! Best wishes – Cindy and John

Dearest Shogo, I cannot begin to express how wonderful our wedding was, your music was a magical backdrop to an incredible ceremony and cocktail hour.. My guests could not stop remarking how beautifully you played!! Please accept my most sincerest thanks for your musical talents and professionalism.. I will certainly come see you perform again with Peter and will recommend you to anyone looking for a gifted musician. Warmest regards, – Betty

Seriously people, this is no joke. Yesterday while I was at the Santa Monica Beach I saw the best classical guitarist I have ever heard playing at the end of the pier for tips. His name is Shogo Kubo and is from Japan. He studied in Spain for a year. I hope that someone can help him so that he can be performing for audiences around the world on a stage where this guy belongs. He is definitely a master guitarist. I am posting this here because I know there are many people here who really appreciate talented guitarists. I hope that anyone who is in the L.A. area and loves great guitar playing will go to hear this guy. – JanetK

I recommend Shogo to everyone at all levels, from beginning to advanced, and at all ages.
I have known Shogo because my friend in music school (composition major whose primary instrument is a guitar) takes lessons from him. This summer I started taking lessons from him as well because playing guitar is a requirement for the music therapy program. Although I have some experience in music, playing guitar was totally a new thing. Despite that, within a few months, my skills improved dramatically thanks to my teacher (: The best part of taking lessons from Shogo was that he knew how to work out with students with relatively small hands. My hands are small like elementary school kids’. Therefore, I had difficulties playing some chords at first, but he worked things out! So, obviously Shogo can teach beginners like me as well as college-level students like my friend, and even small kids! He is an experienced teacher who can guide each student step by step to achieve their individual goals. By the way, Shogo is an exceptional performer too. His interpretation is unique, and his performance is always very musical! So, if someone wants to brush up their expression in music, Shogo is the right person to learn from (: – Starla 

Shogo is patience, attentiveness and encouraging me always, finds a way to attach the lessons to actual songs so it makes it easier to learn and all my questions are answered in great detail. very reliable and responsible I’d highly recommend him to anybody. – Yuki

I’ve been taking lessons with Shogo for the past 10 years. glad I found him always look forward to my lessons, he is an awesome and thoughtful teacher. – Robert

He is a very patient, talented teacher, highly recommend. – Josh

禁じられた遊びのテーマを聞いておやっと思った 旋律がこちらの心の痛いところに切れ込んでくる 次はアランフェス これが全く 驚きで よく耳にする毒にも薬にもならないJウイリアムス風とは対極にあるような迫力の和音で 虚空をさまよい続けている 曲としては壊れているのだが 魅力にあふれこちらの耳をとらえて離さない 男はどこか遠くの音を聞くようにして目を閉じていて自分の指の動きはとうに忘れているようだった 彼の名前は久保聖吾 北海道 帯広でギター教室を持っていたらしい ホテルの部屋にいて頭の中を彼の弾いた(ディアハンター)や(禁じられた遊び)がいつまでも鳴っている クラシックギターの音はあまり好きでなかったのに彼のメロディーが残っている 音もちがいいというか 耳がいいのだろう だからひっぱっても曲が続くヴィラロボスもアストリアスもかっちりまとまってあざやか よい先生についたのだろう それにしてもやはり才能だろうと思う 昨日は私の賞賛に困ったように笑っていたが本人にしてみたら別段意識してやっていることではないかもしれない 帯広のギター教室の先生が故郷も国も捨てて世界に出る そうせざるをえないような才能があるのは間違いのないことのように思えた 久保聖吾氏のCDを繰り返し聞いているが なんだかすごくいいと感じる 外国旅行にいると 普段自分の体にまとわりついているぬるま湯のようなものがなくなって 全身ひりひりしている だから絵を見ても音楽を聴いても異様に反応してしまうものだが 彼のギターというか音楽は日本にあっても私の心の奥に答えてくれているようだ – 笠原 三冬

>Spanish Classical Guitar Lessons - Online - Guitar Performance at any events.

Spanish Classical Guitar Lessons - Online - Guitar Performance at any events.